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hatchli is a crowdsourced social feedback platform that allows entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and other creators to gain early exposure and feedback like never before. Use hatchli to nail down your next big idea, weigh in on tomorrow's hottest trends, or even just to ask the hatchli community what you should wear out this weekend. Download hatchli on iOS today and get hatching!

the easiest and quickest way to share ideas

realize the potential of your ideas

  • store your ideas on our social platform

  • validate with real-time feedback

  • aquire your market and launch your next great creation

influence tomorrow's creators today

  • be the first to see millions of new ideas

  • vote and follow your favorites

  • stay up to date on tomorrow's hottest ideas

how will you hatchli?


hatchli is a place for you to create and share your ideas; don't keep them to yourself, let them fly! who knows, you might even have the next big thing scribbled on a napkin; find out with hatchli!


let's face it: ideas get forgotten. we want to change that; all ideas are great in our book! never forget another idea with hatchli, you can even save them without sharing in case you aren't quite ready to let the world see


hatchli also lets you share your idea with everyone you know, so you can really see if it's worth going after! moms, grandmas, friends, pets; tell the world!


hatchli isn't just about creating, its about exploring too! vote on other people's ideas and tell them what you think; its a fun way to explore what might be the next hottest thing!


all this stuff is all well and good, but at the end of the day you need to know whether or not to keep going with your idea, or let it fly away. hatchli is here to help! using all the votes cast on your idea, we can provide you with all the information you need to take things to the next level


so now you're ready to step things up, but where do you start? with hatchli of course! once you get enough traction, you'll be able to reach out to all your supporters and bring them with you for the rest of your journey

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