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Ian Hansborough

Ian works with the programming team as well as on the business side, and is involved with all aspects of hatchli's operations. He specializes in iOS mobile development, in addition to various other programming languages.

Greg Miller

Greg manages all of the behind the scene aspects of hatchli, ensuring a smooth experience for our users. He is well versed in data architecture and backend frameworks, and specializes in the python programming language and iOS mobile development.

Nugeen Aftab

Nugeen runs the business side of hatchli, managing growth, marketing, and all related areas. In addition, she performs various creative duties, ranging from creation of graphics to optimizing user experience on the hatchli platform.

Trey Hakanson

Trey currently works on various aspects of the hatchli frontend, mobile and web. He specializes in Android and iOS mobile development, and is also involved in hatchli's creative aspects, such as user interface and experience design.