Who We Are

Our Mission

Hatchli is a social community for innovators to come together and share ideas as well as give feedback. We empower creators to give and recieve the feedback they need to foster their ideas so they can really fly. No ideas yet? That's fine! Your feedback is invaluable to our community, and you'll leave feeling inspired and empowered to get going on your next big project. Ensuring that our active community can best communicate with each other in a productive and helpful manner is our top priority, so if you have any suggestions feel free to contact any of the team below! (Or check out the contact form)

Ian Hansborough


iOS developer and Business Intermediary

Trey Hakanson


Web and mobile frontend developer as well as UI/UX designer

Greg Miller


Implements machine learning and develops backend technologies

Dan Arters

Senior Developer

Develops backend technologies and automates processes